Monday, January 23, 2012

A Coincidence? Maybe?

I like to see the worst of the neighborhood before I run into Prospect Park. I appreciate the serenity of the park more that way.   I like to cross the Gowanus Canal and run past the Super Fund Sites, the concrete factories and scrap metal yards before running into Prospect Park.  This is my route.

A year ago this month, (or maybe 2 years ago) was was on my regular weekday run and ran past the site where a warehouse collapsed a few years ago and noticed a bunch of kids with notebooks gazing through the fence.  I stopped and asked them what they were doing.  They said they were trying to decide what should be on this land in 2030.  They were looking at a plot of land that was wedged between an elevated subway on 2 sides and a canal on the other 2 sides.  I suggested to them that they make a water park, with a pool and giant slides.  Maybe jet-skis on the canal.  Their academic exercise is being mirrored in the real world.

This morning I chaperoned my son's class on that trip.

Two weeks ago I took my daughter's class.  It was colder that day, but not as wet.

The kids were taking things more seriously,  They were thinking a supermarket, or a hospital.

In a few weeks they will be presenting their blue prints.  I will update then.

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