Thursday, January 26, 2012

I took my camera phone for a run. (update with photo of me)

Since I am exempt form the NYRR 9+1 program,  I felt no need to run the Manhattan Half.  But I still wanted to have some fun.  So decided to run to Central Park.  Click here for my route.  It was nice to run over the subway grates on Broadway.  The occasional burst of warm air was welcome.  However the pedestrian that replaced the grid lock of Times Square was extremely hazardous.  First, painted asphalt covered by a few inches of wet snow is VERY SLIPPERY.  Even if I was not running it would have been slick.  But it was also infested with tourists who had never seen snow before.  They were walking around like friggen idiots.  (and so unprepared for a day of 25 degrees and snow.  A hat, people ya gotta get a hat, and scarfs don't really do much of you don't actually loop them around your neck.  An Uggs in snow???? Come on they become sponges when they get wet.)
The race started at 8am and I left Brooklyn at 8.  It was about 8.5 miles to the 12 mile mark of the course.  With all the traffic lights I got there in about the same amount of time it would have taken me to run 12 miles.
Anyway....a few inches of snow made it better...  

8AM at Grand Army Plaza.

Crossing the Gowanus Canal at Carroll St

The Manhattan Bridge is just visible...

I can't add words to this

Behind the Elephant that is on balanced on it's trunk in the snow is a statue of George Washington on a horse in Union Square.

About the 12 mile mark of the Manhattan Half.  No unhappy runners there.  It was nice to join the herd for a mile.

Baggage check.  I never got cold along the way.  The subway ride home was brutal.  Having some dry shoes & socks would have been a game changer


  1. Well done Chicken, on the run!! You all have my admiration and respect. The photos were just sensational! An absolute feast for the eyes. Thank you!

  2. This was so fun to read! Mercy - "12 mile mark" oh my! 12 mile!!! WHEW!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. I love your picture of the (Brooklyn?) Bridge. As annoyed as I was at the snow for messing up my plans to race the Manhattan Half, Saturday was a beautiful day nonetheless.


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