Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Busy Weekend

So Saturday morning I made sure everyone had a good race in Prospect Park .  Part of that job is ordering the toilets.  You might want to know that when they come off the truck they are like hotel bathrooms.  They actually smell clean.

rundangerously snapped a photo of me.  I was not always that calm.

After the race I got to take my daughter to a birthday party.  It was on of those drop off parties so I to take a break and have a Chicken and Rice on a park bench behind the Museum Of Natural History.  It did not occur to me that I was accross the street from one of the newest hamburger joints in NYC.  Shake Shake.  It is hard to tell from my photo, but there was a long line to get in.  I did not have to look to see the line.  I know it was there because everyone walking past me was commenting on it.  Even people speaking in languages unknown to me were saying. "Gabba diace kaupea Shake Shack. uga buga."  Whatever, streetmeat works for me.

My daughter was at a party at place called Make Meaning.  It was kinda like the Disney of the Upper West Side, except without the rides or people walking around in costumes, or the whole theme park theme.  But it was like Disney World in that (according to my daughter) the whole party was scripted to the point where she really did not feel like she was being very creative.

However she did have a lot of fun at the "after party".  All the party guests were given a coupon to come back and make something another day.  Most of them stayed.  With little supervision they all had more fun.

She made a candle and a soap mold with a pig in it.

Sunday I needed to get in some miles. Since the Brooklyn Bridge lead paint removal project  is making it stinky I decided to run over the Manhattan Bridge and back home via the Williamsburg Bridge. Click here for an estamap.  I  ran by the site of The Brooklyn Navy Yard and Admirals Row.

I also noticed many banners hanging from signs promoting Building 92, or  From the gate it looked like a cool new museum.

So I ran home took a shower and and asked my son if he wanted to see the place were they put the guns on the USS Monitor.  Since his final 5th Grade project was on Civil War Iron Clad ships he grabbed his coat.

It was a great little museum.  It showed the history of its location from the days were Native Americans live there, during the Revolutionary War it was the location of British POW ships.  (Our soldiers were in the ships).  It was also a place where ships were constructed from the Civil War to WWII.  It is currently home to movie studios and modern little factories.

I had run over both those bridges hours earlier.
It had a birds eye view mural.  My son and his friend had a great time there.

They had a treasure hunt where they were encouraged to learn how green the building is.  (they have special grass growing on the roof so that rain water is  absorbed and not added to the sewer system.)

Hay, when we got there they recommend we go to the top floor for a snack.  The Ted and Honey Cafe was really a nice.  The boys had a sweet and I enjoyed a cup of coffee with a view.  I think I might one day have a real meal at their real restaurant.  I ran by that one the way home that morning.  I think I would wait on line there before waiting to go into the Shake Shack.

From Ted and Honey's Facebook

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