Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Obamacare" is working fine for me.

There has been a change of employment in my household. Definitely a step up.  But it came with a change in health insurance for our family.

I did not give that much thought till we got a letter from the old health insurance company.  They sent a letter to each member of our household listing their preexisting conditions.  They said our new insurance company would need this information.  Two days later we got a letter from our new company asking us to list our preexisting conditions.

This is good, considering my Kidney Stone is likely to come back.

Ya know, rates might go up but I can live with that. Passing the next stone might not be an afternoon in the ER.  What if I have to get admitted to the hospital?  It would be very uncool if I had to pay that bill because my condition was preexisting

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