Saturday, August 25, 2012

I almost forgot to bring my camera-phone for a run

On the Brooklyn Bridge I saw this dude contorting at this women's feet.  I asked the photographer if they were newlyweds or models.  I was glad to here they were models.   No groom should ever have to be at his brides feet.

A couple of hours later I was running back to Brooklyn on the Manhattan Bridge.  The world was a little more real there.  I saw a women hanging her laundry to dry on a Chinatown rooftop.  By the time I got my camera out she was gone.  (and yes, that is the almost topped out World Trade Center behind City Hall in the background.)  A real camera wold have been good here.

On the Brooklyn Side of The Manhattan Bridge I realized that I was above the "beach" that my kids were playing in just this past Thursday.  Here is the overhead view.

All the tourists flock to the Brooklyn Bridge.  But it is so overrated.  the walking path over and between the traffic lanes, the view is not as good.  Also, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge.  From the Brooklyn Bridge you only get to look at the Manhattan Bridge.

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