Friday, August 24, 2012

Stayin' in Brooklyn

We jumped on our bikes for a quick trip down to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In the 2 photos below the kids did not move,. I just walk about 10 feet and changed my angle.  and for photos of that spot 3 years ago click here

They collected some "sea glass"

and made some art.

Ya know when I grew up that spot was just a toxic pile of trash.  No one would dream of bringing their kids there, let alone letting them touch the water.  Brooklyn is changing, mostly for the better.

Yea, and we got there by bike.  Another thing that has changed since I grew up.  We did not have any bike lanes.  When I grew up bikes were for kids. Now many people us them to get around.  So we put our helmets back on and went to Building 92, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, to have lunch

I was there before with my son and knew it would be a good place to sit and eat.  It was nice to let my son give my daughter the tour.  Lunch ant Ted and Honey was nice, but they could have warned my 12 year old that they used spicy mustard on their ham and cheese.  It was kinda dramatic there for a minute or so, but everyone lived.

From out the window of the cafe you get a great view of the bee hives on the roof of the building next door.

Going home by bike was not so much fun. 4:30pm is not like 11am.  Lots of entitled drivers thinking that bike lanes are there so they can pass other cars on the right.  Hopefully, they will evolve.


  1. Wonderful photos for your children to cherish CU. It's also lovely to see and hear how much you enjoy your kids and doing things and having fun together.

  2. This sounds like a place that I
    would like to go too....
    next time in Bklyn....
    Hey, I could use those pebbles for
    my vases, that I fill with abstract
    polymer clay flowers....

  3. I have always wanted to ride a bike in manhattan but always chickened out because of the crazy driving. Glad you had a nice time with your kids

  4. @ Cityencountes, start with the paths on the perimeter of Manhattan Island. On the East side you can stay away from cars from the Battery to 30th. On the West side you can ride all the way to the George Washington Bridge on a beautiful protected path.

    Gettin' there might be the challenge.


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