Thursday, April 11, 2013

A new bridge.

Two and a half years ago, when my kids were still in 5th grade, I bumped into a bunch of kids on a school trip.  It turned out that it was a 6th grade class trip that my kids did take when they changed schools and became   Click here for a blog post about the trip I took last year.

Yesterday in a run I ran into a class trip that my kids took last year.  Really.  I was running down Court St and there were a bunch of 6th graders conducting surveys in front of a Starbucks.  Another bunch behind behind Borough Hall.  I know it throws off the results but I took the survey 4 or 5 times.

It really didn't bother me to stop my run for 5 or 10 minutes.  My goal was to do a little sightseeing.  I wanted to see the newest bridge in NYC.  The Squib Park Bridge

Brian Driscoll for The New York Times
When you walk onto the bridge you read this sign

I read it, but forgot it.  Till I stepped onto the bridge.

Serious bounce.  I can't wait to take my kids there.

It does not look bouncy

But from the underside you can see that it is seriously springy

and Brooklyn Bridge Park now has a third bridge, besides the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.


  1. Fabulous photos! and fascinating facts about this bridge CU.

    PS: You are such an amazing involved Dad, your kids will love you for it!

  2. Aw, I was going to get there by bike this morning but slept in instead. Gotta go see it before some jerk throw stuff over the low railing and ruin things for everyone...


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