Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some things I saw on my run yesterday.

I was looking for 4 hours on my feet this morning and I found it.  I met up with my track club for their Usual Saturday Morning Run.  From Grand Army Plaza to Downtown Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, crossing Manhattan to the Hudson River and around the Battery back to the Brooklyn Bridge.  They went back.  That round trip is about 12 miles.  I continued uptown to the Williamsburg, then crossed the East River and stayed with it till I got to Red Hood, then I ran back up to Park Slope.

It looked like this 

On my way to the Williamsburg Bridge the sky looked kinda crazy.

It looked crazier with my eys.  The camera phone did not do it justice.
A little further uptown I saw a cool new thing.  A table for cleaning fish

Across the bridge in Williamsburg I came across the COOLEST SUSTAINABLE VENDING MACHINE IN NYC.

Yep.  That is what is says.  It is because it sells bike parts.  There was also a tire pump chained to it.

Speaking of sustainable, across the street from the most sustainable building that I have ever been in. (go to the bottom of this post for more on Building 92) they were installing the CitiBike bike sharing program.

Lets see how this works out.  I have read that it works OK in other cities, but this is NY.  I am hopeful.

Almost home and in the grey area along the East River in  Carroll Gardens I saw some writing on the sidewalk

I stepped back and saw that the shadow of this brave red oak remained.

It would not stand a chance. It is a tough place to be a tree. But that is where we would have appreciated it the most.


  1. I love it when you do this run-about-express-photography series!!
    Keep 'em coming.


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