Monday, April 15, 2013

Now, more than ever. I want to run Boston.

This morning's FB status.

One day I will qualify for the Boston Marathon.
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  • Michael Ring Or I will die.
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  • Michael Ring I don't want anyone to think that I plan on "do or die". but I hope to stay fit enough to keep running for ever.
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  • Michael Ring What I am really trying to say is to the people running today. You are living the dream for many of us. Have a good time.

    A few years ago my son made this birthday card for me


  1. Bravo! I hope you qualify, run Boston, and finish safely.

  2. Aw that card is just too cute, and more remarkable that a boy of that age at the time, had such a grasp on the importance of the event to his Dad. Impressive young man!

  3. News reports have only just come through to my part of Oz Mike, on the Boston Marathon bombing, my prayers are with all involved. Unbelievable.


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