Monday, April 27, 2020

2020 Achilles International Indoor Relay Virtual Marathon Team BM

Dear Achilles Athletes and Guides,

I am so excited to virtually run 26.2 miles with you all this weekend! 

Here’s how it works. 

There will be Four Team of Eight Runners (including one hand cyclist!). Athletes and Guides will be paired up together to run indoors virtually. See guide and athlete pairings below. Each team member will be responsible for running 3.1 Miles or a 5k -- one team member will have to run just a bit longer to make it 26.2! 

Athletes and Guides, please connect to find a time to virtually run together indoors. You can run or walk around your apartment, run in place, walk, do high knees or jumping jacks. Any type of indoor activity counts -- as long as you’re moving! It is not necessary to record your time on a GPS watch, but rather estimate your time and distance based on your pace per mile. If you normally run at a 10 minute per mile pace, then 10 minutes of indoor activity counts as one mile. I’ve paired the teams up so that if all participants run 3.1 miles (plus the one runner who will do a bit more), then all teams should be able to break 4 hours as a team! You can do your run all at once or you can break it up into 2 to 3 blocks if you wish. All runs/walks should take place on Saturday. 

Athletes and Guides- Please schedule a time to connect over video chat and do your run together. You can use Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, whatever you wish. I just ask that you please get videos and pictures running indoors over video chat and that you WEAR YOUR ACHILLES SHIRT IF YOU HAVE ONE! Please send me your pictures and videos and post them to Social Media and to Strava using the hashtags #achillesindoormarathonrelay #GoAchilles #AchillesStrong #AchillesTogether

I have designated a team Captain for each team. Captains- Pick a team name! Also, please collect results from your team and report them back to me! 

If an athlete and guide choose to do their virtual run outdoors, PLEASE RUN ALONE. This is a virtual event and runners should not be running with partners or guides. Please respect all local and state laws, wear masks and strictly enforce social distancing. 

Remember… this is a virtual fun run and not a timed race. The most important thing is that we come together as athletes and guides, encourage each other via video and have fun running a collective 26.2 miles as a team!! 

So excited to be virtually running with all of you this weekend! Get some rest and let’s tackle those miles! 

Go Achilles!! 

BOYD and DAVID- Please run 4.2 Miles Virtually (That's 6.75K for you Canadian Runners!).
All others should virtually run 3.1 Miles or a 5k
MICHAEL RING- You are the Team Captain.

Guide 1
Guide 2
Boyd Dunleavy
David Honick

Michael Ring
Larry Sillen
Arnold T Lau
Kieron Raganooth
Michael Anderson

Jill Schreier
Karen and Kevin Fittinghoff
Paige Brabant

Declan Rayn
Joe Sorbanelli
Austin Dunn
Benisse Lester
Harriet Lester

Zoe Heineman Khalap
Talia McKinney
celine dupuis
Anthony Butler
Thomas Barbe
Taylor Fogg
Well, above all the instructions that was sent out and the table with everyone's distance of assignments and guides. heading everyone's times as they've been coming in. Here is my video that I made at the halfway point of my run. I ran by myself from Park Slope to City Hall and back. My plan was to go over the Manhattan Bridge but my body was on autopilot and brought me to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. my 5K was time and was entirely on the Brooklyn Bridge. It went from Brooklyn to Manhattan name was BM

My Route                                                            

Here are  Larry Sillen photos …. He ran on a treadmill

See the links below for the photos and 3 videos.
Alas, Arnold did not share is post run snack with his teammates.

Arnold was my other teammate he ran in Queens

This is one of the segments of Arnold's run. having nothing to do with our virtual Marathon indoor relay it's apparent that he ran this in one place in a very small circle. But his GPS put them all over the place. I used to professionally measure race courses by the by USA Track and Field standards. often they were people who would tell me my course was inaccurate and they would show me their Garmin’s  as evidence. this is why I didn't argue with them

Zoe sent this photo and her Strava data.

Talia made a video and took some photos 

Boyd ran in London!  Ontario!!

Kevin and Karen Jumped rope for 3.1 miles


Austin ran around Huntington Horbor

Declan ran in Central Park. A "classic loop"

Thomas Barbe had a great view

Taylor ran on NYC's West Side


Kieron was making that treadmill spin!!

This is how Anthony relaxed after his run. Let's take a deep breath a sit there too.

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