Sunday, May 3, 2020


Yesterday I did my long run. I ran into Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge, wiggle the way through Chinatown and the Civic Center and return home by the Brooklyn Bridge. my plan was to turn back when I got to Manhattan and run back over the Manhattan Bridge. the streets of Chinatown were deserted, so I thought I'd push it a little.

When I started my Ascent of the Manhattan Bridge I started thinking about how many times I've crossed that bridge lately. how many doctors visits. How many times I was in a wheelchair which was strapped to the back of some van being bounced around on that bridge. More recently how many taxi cabs.

Then I got distracted by this billboard. I remembered that I was crossing the Manhattan Bridge. Terrorists cross the Brooklyn Bridge. New Yorkers cross the Manhattan Bridge. This billboard put was here for us.

It reminded me that's all of us things weren't going according to plan they weren't going right at all. that this was the time to find our courage.

On Thursday it'll be 6 years since I was diagnosed with GBS. I've kind of gotten used to finding my courage. But here in New York it's only been a couple of months of dealing with covid-19. We need regular reminders

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