Thursday, February 3, 2022

You don't have to be abilist

Every morning with my morning coffee I sit down and fill out surveys to make a couple of bucks. (I make at least $5 a day and sometimes over $100. If you want more information about how to do that contact me and I'll get a commission if you start doing it. But this blog is not about that.)

A very common question they ask in the beginning of the survey is employment status. Sometimes it's used to screen people out because they don't want people who work in a certain field . But more often than not it's used to sort people into groups .

To the left is a screenshot of that question. Please notice on top the little red dot that indicates that you have to select one answer .  At first I was going to check the box that said self-employed part-time because while I was filling out this survey I was working. They are paying me to fill out the survey. But I went down to the bottom and click the box that said disabled. Because I  identify as a disabled person.

Then I went to click the other box that says employed part time. And low and behold it unchecked the box that said disabled . Can't I be both ! What makes them  think disabled people can't work. 

Honestly, What does my disability have to do with my work status.

I'm thinking about this more I'm wondering If we were in a different time in the United States and they edited a check box on the bottom thhat said "colored" as an employment status . I wonder how African American people would feel when they were filling out the survey . 

Or what if there was a box that simply said woman So they would figure that a woman wasn't  getting paid at the same rate as a man. They can do that now .

Disability is not an employment status. It's a physical condition or or an identity. So dear survey people: If you want to know if someone is not working because they're disabled ,say that. But please do not assume that disabled people are not able to work.

I just started another survey and this came up. I'm pointing it out just to show that it's typical that you can choose disabled OR working. Please look also that you can choose one gender I always assume that transgender people were male or female Shouldn't that also be too different questions .But that's a different story.

And yeah I wasn't born on April Fool's Day. These people don't deserve the truth

I'm updating this the next day and excited to report that I was able to click these two boxes on this survey .

But then when I hit enter it told me I wasn't allowed

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