Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Some nice things I saw in the past week

 I've been a little recalcitrant in my blogging responsibilities lately, so I'll put a few pictures up here.

Last week I went to my optometrist and his office is so crowded with art that you have to be careful when you take a your coat, otherwise you might not go over some art. 

The picture to the right sits in his waiting room and I like sitting across from it.  He also has a picture of himself standing next to a teenage mutant Ninja Turtle .

Last week I had one of my many continuing physical therapy appointments. I took this picture from the bus On 42nd Street and  On the way back I walk so I can get better pictures

It's a use of public space to show off the art of Devin Rodriguez

A block away from those portraits is the Daily News building. In a different multiverse it was known as the Daily Planet Building. But I think this globe was there first.It is also the same building that houses WPIX TV . 

A very long time ago my grandfather worked there . He edited the televised news shows. Before he did that he edited the news reels.Probably about 45 or 50 years ago I visited him at work. I remember I got to sit in the anchor chair for the news And afterwards we went to the automat for lunch

I'm also pretty pleased with myself for being able to take that picture on a cold day through a window

Then there's this giant mural as seen from 42nd Street . One of my doctors has an office on the other side of the mural on 41st Street and from The window of the waiting room I watched it get painted.

Back in the late '70s and early '80s Irving Plaza was the place to see live music.It might still be but I wouldn't know . But I saw a lot of shows there . But I never noticed that the Chrysler Building was visiblepast the Marquee.

Today I went to see the new Spider-Man movie at the movie theater on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue H. I was meeting a friend there who lives around the corner And he mentioned to me that even though there is a railroad cut parallel to Avenue H he had never seen a train run on it. I got to the movies a little early and went to get a cup of coffee and I decided to drink it on top of the railroad bridge.I saw a train coming really slow . Maybe you can call it a train if it was a truck with train Wheels on it but it was on the train tracks.

I got to take this picture because the truck / train thing came to a stop and started honking.

I failed at zooming in with my camera but I was able to Crop the picture to point out the fact that the truck driver was hunking his horn at the possum that was running on the track

And one last thing is that I took the subway home from Avenue H today.And a significant victory for people with accessibility needs that station is now accessible without needing to use stairs . Along with that they prettied it up a little bit.They made it look like a country railroad station along with fake wooden posts and a rocking chair that is welded to the ground and doesn't rock

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