Saturday, March 12, 2022

Some things I recently saw

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time in Downtown Brooklyn..... Fulton Street near Hoyt St. For a long time Brooklyn Heights Fulton Street would be thought of as a place that has always been in need of gentrification . It was one of the first streets to be close to traffic so people could shop on it. But even then it's  still considered an area in need of development. 

I don't think this sign on the front of the hot dog stand makes it more welcoming

This sign above the hot dog stand explains everything

The future is right next door . Here's a picture of the backyard of 11 Hoyt Street as seen from the 5th floor of the building across the street. 
I guess the wealthy people who move to Brooklyn are going to like the concept of a backyard better than actual backyard. This won't give them any sense of neighborhood and is marketed as a place where they could not interact with the community. 

I don't think these people are going to be looking for a fried chicken sandwich.

I don't know, 30 years ago I moved into a neighborhood and was part of the gentrification process. I think I did it a little more slowly
Speaking of slower gentrification . Last week I helped my oldest child move into their new apartment.The real estate people call it East Williamsburg. I just call it Bushwick .Either way the friendly motorcycle gang down the block didn't seem to care about anything . Nierher did the local wildlife. But I did appreciate the honesty on the sign on the side of the building.
So looking back at my youth I think I'd rather live In a building that has a stoop like this then one that has a website like 11 Hoyt Street.

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