Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Don't take nothing for granted

 Whenever I can I go to the open run at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Tuesday evenings.It's a little bit of a reunion and it also has the greatest sunset on the east coast. Last night was one of those nights. As I was heading out on Pier 3 I had to come to a dead stop and get out my camera and do my best to take this picture.I was surprised at how good it came out but honestly what I saw with my eyes was 10,000 times more beautiful. And when I made the turn there were at least two dozen photographers with thousands of dollars worth of cameras taking the same pictures.I joked and said hey guys haven't you ever seen the moon before.

But looking back at the picture All I'm really thinking is about my grandparents.three out of four of them came to New York City on a boat. Just wishing I could have asked if what it was like to see that lady from the other side for the first time. Was it daytime....  Did someone have to wake them up? Was it a warm day a clear day what was the weather like? Who else were you with? Did you maintain relationships with these people besides your family? Lots of stupid questions that I never asked.I'm going to think of a stupid question to ask my oldest relative.......

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