Monday, October 17, 2022

Maybe I'm worthy

I'm really not sure what more I can say that I didn't say in 2018 when I went to watch this race. You can read that blog post here.  Today I went over to Edison High School and checked out the 3100 mile race.I think it's still one of the greatest things in sports that gets the least amount of attention.But I'm sure the people who do it could do without any additional tension.When I get there there's no applause It's a lot of silent respect.It turned out I missed the first person to finish 3,100 mi by about 2 hours.But I really didn't miss much because he kept going. Just below is the video I managed to capture of Andrea Marcato finishing 5,000 km. 

When I left I told one of the rice organizers that I didn't feel I was worthy to walk on the same sidewalk with these people.She politely discouraged me from saying things like that. She said everyone adds to everything with their existence.

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