Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I had to Take a picture of this no smoking sign.

1) Alarm Will Sound 
2) Fire Dept. Will Respond 
3) $500.00 Fine Will Be Issued 
4) Hall Security Deposit Will Not Be Returned

I left the capitalizations the way I found them.But to give this some context I went to a party at an American Legion Hall in Hackensack

This party was part of what I would consider a great accomplishment for a New Yorker. The morning started with a short race in Staten Island.Then we headed over to a party in Hackensack. On the Way back home to Brooklyn from Hackensack Traffic was so bad in Manhattan that the Google machine told us to take the George Washington Bridge to The  Bronx Expressway and then take the Triborough Bridge back to Queens and then to Brooklyn. So I was in all five boroughs of New York City on a day that I was not running a marathon.I don't think that many non-professional drivers can say they did that. If you're not an actual New Yorker I'm sorry you read that last paragraph

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