Friday, January 2, 2009

More Ice Skating, this time at the Kate Wollman Rink in Prospect Park

There is a colossal difference between the two skating experiences we had in the past week. Last week we spent half a day waiting on line to skate at the Rink at Rockefeller Center. Today I took the kids and two of their friends to the Kate Wollman Ice Skating Rink in Prospect Park. The difference were countless.
  • Rockefeller Center might be peaty with that tree and all, but behind the Wollman Rink is a real hill with real trees.
  • Rockefeller Center has some history, it shares space with NBC, The Rockets and a big statue of Atlas, but Prospect Park is the very spot where George Washington coined the phrase "Run Away", during the Battle of Brooklyn, in August of 1776.
  • The Rink at Rockefeller Center has some snazzy neighbors like St. Patrick's Cathedral and Time's Square, but next door to the Wollman Rink is The Prospect Park Audubon Center at the Boathouse. We spent a wonderful hour there before we went on the ice.
The big difference was in the people that were there. Rockefeller Center was packed with two types of people. Most were tourist. They didn't come to NYC to ice skate. But, they came to Rockefeller Center to skate where Katie Couric stood. They wanted to be part of a famous NYC landmarky thing. They were not there to have a good time skating, they were there to say "Been there, done that". These are the same schmucks that went to the top of the Empire State Building and looked down at Bryant Park and said "Look, Rockefeller Center".

Or, they were like my family, trying to have a "traditional event". We met some other New Yorkers who said they go ever year. Not us, never again.

The people in Prospect Park were there to have fun. They were my neighbors (Yes, I actually met people I knew.) They were a cross section of Brooklyn. There were multi-generational families, groups of friends. All colors. Many accents, languages and all socioeconomic groups. All having a fun time. Lots of laughing and smiles all around. Everybody getting along.

Please don't get me wrong. I might have a small contempt for tourists (even self hatred when I am a tourist.. but that is another story) but I have a great love for my fellow Brooklynites.

I did not bring my camera. I used google to find some nice pictures. Below is the picture I woulda taken. It is from Brooklyn On Line. Here is the link I love the comment. It must be peaty old, everybody looks like me.


So if you want to practice your triple axels...Try Rock Plaza, because in Brooklyn, like everything else, ice skating is a contact sport!

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  1. I am getting some love:

    Hi. Just wanted to say THANKS for the great post on Jan 2 about skating at Wollman Rink here at Prospect Park! Glad you and the kids had fun.

    All the best,

    Eugene -------------------------------

    Eugene J. Patron

    Press Director

    Prospect Park

    95 Prospect Park West

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