Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second Day of Camp Daddy, A Couple of Dicks.

Last night I joined the Prospect Park Track Club for our usual speed clinic with Tony Watson. Doing hill repeats in %175 humidly is nasty. The rain just stopped and my glasses kept fogging up. To make it more annoying there was a continuous buzz of helicopters. I just assumed they were making news out of the "walk like Michael Jackson" thing that was also taking place in Prospect Park. I will get back to the annoying helicopter noise soon.

So today I took the kids for an aimless bike ride in Prospect Park. I have to fine tune their multi-tasking skills. They can ride OK, but riding in traffic is something they have to work on. The Red Hook Pool is only 2 miles, Manhattan Beach is about 5 miles and the Brooklyn Bridge is close too!

We were gonna meander around the park, ride from sprinkler to sprinkler. We got no Comfort Zone in Prospect Park . We decided to visit the Audubon Center for some smoothies. But there were like a million well dressed people there. At first I thought there was a wedding, a big wedding. Then I saw the lighting, I realized they were making a movie. More of Date Night, I thought.

Then there was the helicopter noise again. But no helicopter. The had 5 giant fans blowing on the pond. There were not there to make waves, they were blowing the duckweed away. Look at the ripples in the water. They turned the 80 MPH fans off for the filming.

I talked to the crew a little. I asked if Tina Fey was in the shot, assuming it was Date Night. No, he said, "Date Night was last week, this is a Bruce Willis movie; A Couple of Dicks". If you look really hard you might see him in the pictures, he plays the father of the bride. (Update: But don't look to hard, he is not in the pictures.)

Update 2: these are better photos, Michelle Trachtenberg

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  1. great stuff in day 2 in daddy summer camp..

    my word is sumar --too funny


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