Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Trip to the High Line

One of the coolest things we got in NYC is the High Line.  It is simple a left over chunk of elevated rail line on  Manhattan's West Side. We went in 2009 and  last year,.  But since it got bigger and better I felt compelled to return.

This time I brought 6 kids.  They like to play in water.

Speaking of water, all the drinking fountains on the High Line talk.  The installation is called Digital Empathy  When you press the button a nice voice reminds you to "remember to stay hydrated" or "take some time to relax, you deserve it."

On one hand it was kinda neat, but it was also kinda creepy.

Think about it.  New York City is a busy place.  Everyone is multitasking all the time.  But one of the few times you are only doing one thing is when you lean over and take a sip of water from a  fountain.  Sometimes you want to just drink.  Ya know, close out the rest of the world and drink.

It was not so bad.  And it did get people to drink more water that did not get put into plastic bottles and delivered on a truck and then fridgerated

All of the girls freaked out when they saw this billboard.

"She is so ugly."

"That make up makes her look so old"  

"Why would they put that face on a billboard"


"Why are you taking a picture of that billboard?"

"No, I am taking a picture of the Empire State Building"

My kids are 11 and their 4 friends were all 10 or 11 years old too.  They have no idea what the West Side was like just before they were born.  The Northern end of the High Line is now at W 30th Street.  30th Street was (and still is) a kinda shortcut from West Street to the Lincoln Tunnel.   I remember seeing prostitutes waiting for their "johns" under the El.

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