Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Queens.

We go to the Prospect Park Zoo quite a bit.  It is quite lovely and only a 10 minute walk. The Aquarium can be part of a nice day in Coney Island. We have often made a day of the Central Park Zoo or The Bronx Zoo.  We have driven 100 miles just to go to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden or out to out to Eastern Connecticut.

But I think one of the most underrated zoos in my area is the Queens Zoo.  It is just a 20 minute drive away and next door to the New York Hall of Science.  It was also totally devoid of any tourists.  I think most people have a zoo their their own house that they think is not "Great".

It is Great, it is bigger than the Prospect Park Zoo and a lot smaller than the Bronx Zoo.  But from some angles it is as big as the Bronx Zoo.

and a block away is the Lemon Ice King of Corona.

The we went over to William F Moore Park to enjoy our ices and watched some Bocce games.

The players really did not look like the types that wanted their pictures taken, so I just took a photo of the scoreboard.

One day I will not be able to run anymore, then I will ride my bike a lot.  If I can no longer ride I hope I can play bocce.  It really looked like the sport for me.

and now I know why I had some deja vu

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